SPRING: what is in season?

Sandra Slawinski 20th March 2020 0 comments

Tomorrow 21 March Spring officially begins in Belgium. I look sooooo much forward to getting some new veg and fruit in my daily meal cause lord knows I love root vegetables, but I am getting fed up!


Around April/May asparagus season will start, that Belgian white gold will soon adorn our dishes!

Radishes will be popping up as well as lettuce and  baby spinach leaves, as well as spring onions and chives.

I already saw some rhubarb cultivated indoors available but waiting a bit longer before starting to make jam..

and the first of the berries, strawberries will appear in May. Gosh, I will eat myself sick those first few days, but just love them.

Still in SEASON:

Leeks – as you know you ve leeks all year around, depending on what variety you plant.

All root vegetables that ve been harvested and laid away such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrots are all still here for a month or so. Cabbages, cauliflower and fennel are still in season but on its last legs.

DISHES to look forward to:

check out my gorgeous spring veg tart HERE

and this yummy grilled baby lettuce and asparagus salad HERE

and this delectable strawberry cheese salad HERE

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals.