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My seasonal recipes

My Cardamom roasted figs with goatcheese
Sandra Slawinski 16th September 2020

My Cardamom roasted figs with goatcheese

This is a special time of year, not only because the end of summer...

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My Champagne-soaked peach melba trifle
Sandra Slawinski 9th September 2020

My Champagne-soaked peach melba trifle

I am making up a new dessert by combining 3 of my favourites: peach...

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Belgian Classics (18): speculoos flan pie (vlaai) from Ghent
Sandra Slawinski 2nd September 2020

Belgian Classics (18): speculoos flan pie (vlaai) from Ghent

This flan like pie is called vlaai in Flemish and is made with leftover...

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and welcome to my kitchen and my table.
What’s cooking today?

My seasonal table

Sandra Slawinski 18th September 2020

My 10 essential tips for entertaining at home

As a professional events planner, entertaining at home gives me both joy and allows...

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Sandra Slawinski 21st August 2020

My 10 tips on how to start a vintage tableware collection

I love vintage tableware but what does that really mean? My definition of vintage...

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About me

Hello friend! I’m Sandra, welcome to my cooking school full of seasonal, simple yet wholesome recipes and where I share my tips & tricks for a beautiful table and how to adopt a greener lifestyle.

Fun facts about me: I love champagne and everything pink. I am almost always in high heels. I adore my vintage teacup collection. A good who-done-it TV show gets my little grey cells going but mostly I am passionate about eating seasonal and local ingredients as much as possible. I boiled my first egg at 19 and learned how to cook by trial and error (LOTS of errors).

I’m excited to share my kitchen and my table with you!

My green lifestyle

Sandra Slawinski 11th September 2020

My top 12 easy zero waste swaps

These 12 swaps have an impact whatsoever on me nor my wallet but definitely...

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Sandra Slawinski 28th August 2020

Why I burn sage in my home

Sage burning or smudging is an ancient native American spiritual ritual believed to banish...

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