My summery hotdogs with a coriander twist

Todays is the 4th of July ( damm how did we get to July this fast) If you are celebrating the USA 4th of July or simply crave a h’dog,  these hotdogs are totally delish and a little differently topped. I added coriander hummus, tomato relish, fried onions and grated cheddar cheese.

But if you are wondering where the tomato relish is on the pictures, yeah well i forgot to add it , silly me!

TIP: Not a fan of coriander, replace it by flat parsley or replace the hummus by guacamole.

STEP 1: Spread some of the hummus with coriandre ( cilantro) onto the grilled bun.

STEP  2 : add the boiled and grilled hotdog.

STEP 3: add the tomato relish ( haha) , the crispy fried onions and coarsely grated some lovely cheddar cheese over it.

STEP 4: sprinkle a few leaves of coriander and serve.

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Belgian Classics (16): Flemish style cod with breadcrumb and herb crust

With summer on our doorsteps and staycation a reality for all of us, we can use easy tasty recipes. I was craving this summery, easy, super delish Belgian classic: cod with a breadcrumb and herb crust. It is probably one of the easiest and fastest yet wholesome recipes to make. As part of a series of Belgian dishes posted every first Wednesday of the month, I vow to demystify these uber Belgian classics for you. Step-by-step I will show you what to do, this will have you successfully recreate those gorgeous rustic Belgian flavours you discovered in Belgium.

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How to dine in style

Just a few tips for making a great first impression on the in-laws, new boss or new friends. If you re invited to a formal affair, take a glance at the dress codes. a little DINING ETIQUETTE: Are we late? In Belgium arriving early at your hosts house is worse than being late. But never be more than 15 minutes late if a specific time was given without a quick warning message to the host. What to bring? A host(ess) gift is not something to be consumed during the meal. Only bring a dish or dinks when requested and cleared by the host. Have flowers delivered before the meal or offer flowers in water and not requiring immediate attention from the host. A small gift instead of flowers can be offered in line with the hosts interests. In Belgium flowers and chocolates are perfect acceptable host gifts if you do not know them well enough for more personal gifts. Damm, I dropped my napkin. “Elbows off the table”  mothers says. Where are my knife and fork? : Place the napkin in your lap upon seating. When leaving the table temporarily, put the napkin on your chair. At the end of the meal, fold the napkin and

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My pea and mint hummus and seasonal vegetables

I love peas, and when they are just sooo fresh, it’s like candy! Hummus is an easy base of chickpeas and tahini, a sesame paste. You can add pretty much any herb or vegetable to it for pimping. And the gorgeous radishes in season dip beautifully  to give it some lovely crunch.

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