Why I burn sage in my home

Sandra Slawinski 28th August 2020 0 comments

Sage burning or smudging is an ancient native American spiritual ritual believed to banish negative energy.

I love the smell of sage and whenever I ve a little leftover rather than just dry it or freeze it, i bundle it together and dry it. Truth to be said, I don’t call myself a spiritual person, however I believe in the power of herbs and ancient rituals, if nothing else it relaxes me while I practise some mindfulness.

How it claims to work is during smudging the smoke clings to the bad energy and then dissipates. Burning herbs and sage can increase the oxygen in the brain and allow you to relax.

Sage is of course an amazing kitchen herb, but also known for its antibacterial qualities. Smudging sage can improve your mood, remove negativity and ease insomnia.

Check out my baby beetroot risotto with fried sage, chick here.


  • Bundle fresh sage and fold upper leaves inwards for a club finish.
  • Start at the bottom and ty the cord, twist the cord around the bundle going up and then down back to the stalks tying the knot. Ty it tight at the bottom as the leaves will dry and loose volume.
  • Hang to dry in well ventilated space for about 2 to 5 days.



  1. Have a bowl or plate near you at all times to place the burning bundle down on or catch the ashes if needed.
  2. Open a window. I like to play a gentle, smooth music playlist.
  3. Start with a moment of contemplation of what you wish to achieve and visualise the outcome.
  4. Go to the door or the furthest corner and light the dried bundle, let the flame rise and fan out the flames rather than blow out. I use a candle to light it.
  5. Smudge yourself first by waving the smoke 360 degrees around you clockwise and then reverse. Focus on letting go and cleaning your energy.
  6. Walk through your space with the bundle smouldering and end by the open window. Pay special attention to corners, doors, closets and focus on good vibes. End with a moment of final contemplation
  7. Leave the bundle smouldering in a fire-proof bowl or plate or extinguish it by gentle crushing the tip on the plate or bowl. Store on an open shelf and reuse it again .




You can smudge daily, weekly or whenever you feel the need, it can become part of a self-healing ritual. It is especially desired after an argument, moving in a new home, before a special event or when you feel down or stuck.




  • it can decrease your stress.
  • it can improve your sleep quality.
  • it can improve your air quality.
  • it can boost your mood.
  • it can banish the negative.



Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my scissors  from Dille & Kamille, bowl my mama made herself, towel from Daylesford farm shop London.