My preserved lemons

Sandra Slawinski 12th February 2020 0 comments

Lemons, indeed all citrus is bang in season and my mom’s trees are working double time. She had soo many she begged me to take some which I gladly obliged. Apart from the obvious lemon curd, I also made lemon preserves which I will use in a sauce with fish, recipe next week.

The lemons from my mama’s garden are of course untreated and don’t last too long but they are soo juicy and sharp! ( the bowl she also made, my mama has many talents!)

All you really need is a sterilized jar, untreated lemons and salt.

STEP 1 : cut the lemon in wedges but only half way thru. Add to the sterilized jar and push down, sprinkle some salt and add the next lemon, keep pushing them down to release the juices.

STEP 2: seal them, leave them on the kitchen counter for a few days, tuning the jars upside down a few times a day to keep the juice flowing.  Store in a cool, dry and dark space for at least a month before using. When ready to use, rinse the lemon under water and blend in sauces. Great with fish, lam and chicken.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my own stuff : Dille en Kamille jars and towel, Wusthof knives, Ikea jars