My gingerbread star cookies, a total fail

Sandra Slawinski 27th November 2019 0 comments

Yes EPIC fail and I rather share with you my frustration than throw it away. I don’t often bake cookies, I would say maybe twice a year. But watching all those lovely IG pics of gorgeous gingerbread houses and cookies, I wanted to give it a go. The result is a over spiced hard cookie with sticky icing , … burk. But hey, the pictures look ok?


GINGERBREAD  – this tradition of gingerbread man cookies originated from Europe once upon a time: evolved from Ancient Rome via Crusaders bringing us spices to Saint Nicholas from Spain bringing us speculoos to today all of us associating Christmas with ginger cookies.

ROYAL ICING – is basically powdered sugar mixed with egg whites or water. Added to a piping bag and used to decorate the cookies or house. Around since 1600 as eggwhite icing, it became Royal icing after it was used to make Queen Victoria wedding cake in 1840. It should dry in a few hours, and last for up to a month.

MY FAILURE – I didn’t like the taste nor the texture and the icing didn’t dry. It all looks like a 5 year old made it. I am not sharing the recipe because well, it was a failure. I am totaly fine with buying them from my local store. However if you are looking for inspiration and good recipes check out one of these absolutely amazing IG accounts:

Zoebakes – just very inspirational

ful.filled – beautiful pics

Foodfluffer – setting a mood

thebakefeed – simple and yummy

thefeedfeed.baking – everything

food52 – of course

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my kitchen towels, star cutter and tin box from Dille & Kamille, wire rack Ikea