A simple winter salad of mango, white cabbage and dill

Sandra Slawinski 25th December 2019 0 comments

While winter has started and the shortest days of the year are upon us and with the festive season in full swing, maybe it is time for a little winter salad coleslaw style.

COLESLAW – traditionally Dutch, this white cabbage salad has either a vinaigrette or mayonnaise dressing.  Often it has some carrots in it too, here I added mango for that festive feel. Cabbages are bang in season now, so enjoy!

MANGO – definitely not local to Belgium but in season now. Mine came from Columbia and were super sweet and ripe. I love the tropical fruit season and will be making pineapple chutney during the Christmas break. ( stay tuned for the recipe)

For the dressing you can keep it real simple with your favourite olive oil – mine is Kalios 02 (not paid to post) – and some cider vinegar. Or add a little yogurt for freshness, lemon juice for sharpness or chili flakes for heat. The dill gives that delicate anise flavour I love, without overpowering.

My mango and dill coleslaw

Yield 4 portions


  • 1/2 white cabbage, shredded finely ( cut in julienne)
  • 2 ripe mango, cut in matchsticks or julienne 
  • 1/2 bustle of fresh dill
  • 3  tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 table spoon vinegar
  • salt and pepper


  1. Toss the shredded cabbage and cut mango in a bowl, add the dill leaves.
  2. In a jar add olive oil and vinegar, season with salt and pepper and shake.
  3. Pour the dressing over the salad and mix well. Let sit for a bit and serve.


on www.leeksandhighheels.com by Sandra Slawinski

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I  used my plate from HEMA, napkin and candles from Dille & Kamille. Greek olive oil from Kalios.