My rhubarb fool with honeycomb crunch

Sandra Slawinski 5th May 2021 0 comments

My rhubarb jam fool with strawberries and cream with crunchy honeycomb is perfect for Spring.

This British cuisine inspired dessert (or breakfast) is just delish and can be prepared in advance making it perfect to serve when you ve family or friends over.

I made the rhubarb jam a few days ago ( check out my highlights on IG) and made the honeycomb in advance as well. All I need to do to serve is whip the cream and slice the strawberries.










Flavour the cream with elderflower, rose or orange blossom waters for extra floral touches.

Replace the honeycomb with small diced fresh rhubarb for extra crunch.

Swap the rhubarb jam for strawberry jam.


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My rhubarb fool with honeycomb crunch

Yield 4 portions


  • 4 tablespoon rhubarb jam ( recipe here )
  • 200 ml cream
  • 200 gr caster sugar
  • 5 tablespoon golden syrup
  • 3 teaspoon bicarb soda
  • a few fresh strawberries


  1. To make the honeycomb: melt of gentle heat the sugar and golden syrup till smooth, increase and let bubble slightly becoming more amber in colour. Remove from heat, at the bicarb and with wooden spoon mix thoroughly till all the bicarb is absorbed and the mixture is foaming. Pour into a greased tin. Let cool for 1h & 1/2. Tip it out and smash with rolling pin.
  2. To serve: to a glass or bowl add a spoon of cream, top with spoon of jam, top with fresh fruit and repeat.
  3. Top with some smashed honeycomb.


on by Sandra Slawinski

Created, written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial agreements. I used a vintage stand gifted by my friend Pascale.