my 10 tips for living with less plastic

Sandra Slawinski 31st July 2020 0 comments

There is no doubt we have a major plastic trash problem but also we need plastic for basic living, we can’t imagine life without plastic. Some on social media have declared July plastic free but it is a lifestyle change that is needed all year round. I worry mostly about the toxins in the plastic food containers and the micro plastics we basically eat daily. This inspired me to reduce my plastic waste by 80%. These few tips helped me on my way:

  1. Reuse: I looked at the toxins in all my reusable plastic containers and bottles and concluded some were real bad and some were ok to continue to reuse.
  2. Preserve & pack in glass or stainless steel containers and use beeswax covers to store food or pack your lunch in. And adios to the one-time use ziplocks, I only ‘ve a few reusable sturdy ones I use over and over in my freezer.
  3.  I don’t buy bottled water anymore. I filter the tap water with charkhol and use a stainless steel bottle when out and about. This is had been the biggest change in my life and took a good 6 months to get use to the taste but now, totally no biggie.
  4. Reusable shopping bags, of course but try to shop in bulk or bring your own smaller paper or cloth bags. I bring my own cloth bags when buying fruit and veg. I bring my jars and bottles to the bulk buy store. It takes a little getting used to and a but of prep but actually this was easily done.
  5. I’ ve always used baking soda and vinegar for cleaning but I ‘ve bumped up the use and buy less cleaning products in plastic containers.
  6. I bought sponges made from natural fibers and ditched the plastic. I stopped using disposable washcloths as they do contain micro plastics.
  7. Loose leaf tea or mousseline bags only, not only saving on micro plastics but it is quite  a big cheaper to buy loose leaf. If you are a coffee drinker, plenty of non-plastic alternatives there too.
  8. Replace the hand wash liquid by soap bars and avoid yet another plastic container. if you can’t bare to say goodbye to your favourite handwash, reuse the bottles. Check also your laundry detergent, find an alternative with less plastic.
  9. Check your beauty and skin products and find alternatives that are not packed in plastic.
  10. Grown your own herbs all year round on a windowsill, balcony or in the garden.

Up to you now to make even the smallest of change that will impact you directly and everyone you love. Lets get smart about plastic!

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals.