5 resourceful ways to re-use kitchen waste

Sandra Slawinski 29th January 2021 0 comments

Kitchen waste is a daily occurrence in every household, let’s do something about it. Check out my 5 resourceful and easy ways to re-use kitchen waste.

I promise it won’t take much of your time and the results are impactful and you will feel you ve contributed to the mindset of change desperately needed.

To show my support for local businesses suffering in this covid crisis, I bought the gorgeous herbal oil and delish flavoured liquor at Humus x Hortense, a Brussels restaurant recently award a green Michelin star. I also support their farmers and buy weekly their vegetable box; fresh from the field. I would be mad not to support them.


 5 resourceful ways to re-use kitchen waste: 

  1. BANANA PEELS : polish your silver, clean letter shoes and make plant feed by soaking them in water.
  2. CITRUS RINDS :  Infuse liquor like vodka, infuse vinegar, add to sugar to flavour or boil the rinds in sugar to make a treat. Dry the zest in a pre-heated oven on low temperature and store in container, sprinkle on salads and fish to enhance flavours. Add them to ice cub trays so add to drinks. Click here for my lemon preserves.
  3. BROCCOLI & CAULIFLOWER STEMS : dice them super small and use in stir fry, add them to soups, steam and puree to flavour béchamel for vegetable tart.
  4. ONION SKINS : great to DIY dye linens and socks. Roast with meat for flavour, add when making stock.
  5. STALE BREAD : make breadcrumbs by blending finely and drying in pre-hated oven on low heat. Make bread pudding or French toast, click here for my recipe.



Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial agreements. I used everything from my own collection. The oil and liquor are from Humus & Hortense restaurant recently awarded 1 Green Michelin star, I support their farmers and buy their vegetable box weekly as well. #supportlocal