7 ways to connect with nature this Autumn

Sandra Slawinski 11th October 2022 0 comments

Autumn is a great season to connect with nature. I ve enjoyed the Indian summer sunny days as much as I could, in Brussels the nights ( and days really) are getting cooler and I feel the urge to curl up on the sofa under a warm blanket. However connecting with nature is a must for me, it relaxes me, it helps me breathe. Here are 7 ways I enjoy the season and connect to nature even when the weather is challenging .




1.Get yourself some house plants. My apartment has little light so all my indoor plants are pushed against the window to maximise their light intake. It is an instant mood lift for me caring for plants.

2.Watch a nature documentary. I love every documentary Sir David Attenborough makes, you can follow his new series called “Extinction” on BBC or Netflix has most of his shows available.

3.Discover a new park to walk in. I walk everywhere as I have no car but a Sunday morning or afternoon stroll in the park is a great way to connect with nature.




4. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Even in an urban area, you can find a spot to watch a sunset and take a moment. In Belgium we are not always blessed with sun but I like watching the light come up from my bedroom window, deep under the covers.

5. Go on a bike ride . even if you don’t own a bike, in Brussels and most major cities, bikes can be rented. Take the train just outside of the city and enjoy different surroundings.

6. Pack a picnic and enjoy a gorgeous autumn day in your garden, park or woodland.

7. Go mushroom picking, chestnut searching or leaves collecting. Wether you are looking for a bit of foliage to decorate the house or know your way around mushrooms (leave the poisonous pls) and nuts, enjoy a bit of seasonal cooking.


Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals.