30 easy changes I made for a greener home

Sandra Slawinski 31st July 2020 0 comments

A year ago I  had no clue I was part of the environmental problem, seriously I recycled so I thought I did my part. I read and learned how easy some cost effective small changes can be done for a green home and ultimately for a greener environment. If I can change, so can you!

Here my 30 easy steps for a greener home:

1. I replaced ziplock bags ( single use plastic) with silicon covers and containers (multiple use plastic).

2. I replaced bottled water with filtered tap water.

3. I only buy fruit and vegetables that are in season.

4. I buy ingredients as local as possible ( max 100 km from Brussels).

5. Replaced all cleaning products by natural and green products.

6. It is easy to make my own kitchen counter cleaner with vinegar and lemon juice.

7. I replaced all plastic sponges & brushes by environmental responsible alternatives. (see my post for 15 tips HERE)

8. No more paper towels, I now use washable cloths.

9.  Proudly compost on my balcony  (uncooked) kitchen scraps.

10. I grown my own herbs on my balcony.

11. Lots of TLC towards my new houseplants so they can purify the urban air.

12. Bulk buying as much as possible.

13. I buy ingredients when possible in jars versus plastic and reuse them for storage.

14. Reusing jars to store homemade jams, preserves and chutneys ( see my post HERE)

15. Having a week meal plan, allows me to only buy what I need for 1 person.

16. Veggie day: I eat vegetarian twice a week and reduced eating beef to once a week.

17. I reduced cow milk dairy products and replaced with soy, almond and coconut alternatives.

18. Carefully reading ingredients labels now to avoid buying items that include palm oil.

19. Shop for groceries till I drop with reusable shopping bags.

20. Plenty of  sustainable, fare trade local shops around so no more large supermarket shopping.

21. Enjoying restaurants with a clear eco-friendly mission.

22. In with the new: I replaced all my beauty products and make-up by 100% cruelty free and vegan products.

23. My Qtips and make-up remover cottons are now the biodegradable versions.

24. A new energy and water efficient washing machine was installed.

25. I line-dry my laundry.

26. Upgraded my electric powerstrips so I can easily switch them off.

27. Filling the dishwasher all the way before running it, now only once a week.

28. Replaced my shower head with a low-flow energy efficient one.

29. No more paper napkins, I use cloth napkins.

30. I dont’ ve a car and use public transportation or walk everywhere.

check out HERE my 8 months challenge and some resources I used to get inspired.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals, thank you to my BFF Nia being my model in the pics xoxo