3 ways to break up with single-use plastic

Sandra Slawinski 20th November 2020 0 comments

Save our beloved planet from drowning in single-use plastics and you from eating micro plastics by breaking up with just 3 single-use plastics you really don’t need.

First, let me say, plastic is a fundamental and well-loved material and I am not at war with all plastics, just the single-use ones have to go!

Second, most single-use plastics have today at least one but often several durable, sustainable alternatives; one will for sure meet your needs.

Third, making these small changes will not impact your daily life but will make a HUGE difference to our beloved planet growing in plastic and us consuming it.

Leaving behind the single-use plastics might take some getting used too, I was a BIG user of ziplock bags. My trash was full of them. I still use some reusable ones, for the freezer due to lack of space. I re-use them now already 2 years.

Giving up bottled water was not easy but once I found the best filter for my water (charcoal)  and I got used to the taste, it is sooo much easier.

Mostly reading about “going-green” taught me sooo much I didn’t realise. Not only the devastating effect single-use plastics have on the planet and us but also how much single-use I used daily!

So let’s make a few changes that will benefit us all!


1.Break up with WRAPPED food. 

Use re-usable bags for fruit and veg, repurposed jars for grains and nuts, and pack a lunch to take to the office. There are hundreds of opportunities to avoid buying food wrapped in plastic, all you ve do to is choose to do so.


2. Ban the single-use plastic BOTTLE.

Use a travel mug to fill up on coffee-on-the-go, filter tap water and bring it to work in a  cool re-usable bottle, make your own sparkling water or soda from filtered tap water. Check your usage of recyclable plastics or glass bottles as they require a great deal of fossil fuels to be recycled, opt to reduce and re-use.


3. Say NO to the plastic STRAW.

The plastic straw is one of the MOST polluting plastic item filling landfills and our oceans, taking 200 years to decompose into micro plastics and ending up in our food. Stainless steal and bamboo re-usable options even come in travel sizes, so this is a no-brainer if you MUST ve a straw than go green.



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Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial agreements. I used my own kitchenware.