My top 12 easy zero waste swaps

Sandra Slawinski 11th September 2020 0 comments

These 12 swaps have an impact whatsoever on me nor my wallet but definitely make a difference to the planet. Why not give it a go?

My journey of “going green” started with these simple swaps, than the more i read and research the more I wanted to find alternatives and look more closely to my trash and consumption.

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12 zero waste swaps: 

1. Tea strainer replacing tea bag and coffee reusable strainer replacing pod.


2. Cloth napkins replacing paper napkins.


3. Glass, bamboo and metal straws replacing paper or plastic straws.


4. Metal lunchbox replacing plastic lunchbox.


5. Reusable water bottle replacing single use plastic bottles.


6. Bring my own grocery bags replacing new plastic bags each time.




7. Compostable, biodegradable dish scrubs and sponges replacing the plastic ones.


8. Rags replacing singe use paper towels.


9. Cleaning with vinegar and bicarb soda replacing harsh chemicals.


10. Using biodegradable dish liquid replacing traditional chemicals.


11. Using silicon reusable lids and beeswax replacing cling film and foil.


12. Filling up my travel mug with tea replacing disposable cups.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my water bottle, metal lunchbox, straw, jars, tea strainers from Dille & Kamille, beeswax cover from Färm, tea strainer white from Kusmi, tea pot from Marriage freres.