My sun-kissed summer crostini 8 ways

Sandra Slawinski 22nd August 2018 0 comments

When it is proper HOT outside (and indoors) I can’t be bothered slaving over a hot stove or baking at a steamy oven. All I want is a cool drink and something to nibble. Crostini are the answer, this Italian toasted baguette slice with variety of toppings is a god sent. Check out my 8 sizzling toppings .

Crostini or bruschetta?  If you care that much, let me highlight the culinary difference of this Italian snack: bruschetta are slices of bread usually sour dough, topped. For crostini  toasted baguette type of bread slices are topped. I think in Belgium we use both terms loosely for about the same deal: a piece of bread with toppings. An open sandwich if you wish, but doesn’t the Italian sound better, heck, what’s in a name right?

Whatever you call it, it’s a great make-a-head nibble for drinks with friends served in the garden. And involves minimal cooking as well. This is one of those lovely ideas to keep in your pocket for those busy days and shop bought items will just have to do. NO judgement here ! It is all about how you present it and your lip smacking flavours.

Anything  goes as topping, but I like to make it fun. True to myself I always have sweet-salty combos, fruit everywhere, lovely edible flowers from the garden and of course it’s all seasonal.

Have a try with these:

Deep dark sweet cherries and ricotta

Guacamole, summer ripe tomatos and crispy bacon strips

Zingy homemade humus with cucumber ruffles and oven-roasted spicy chickpeas

Mascarpone and orange marmalade with cold slice of duck breast

Home made dill butter, smoked salmon and lemon zest

Zingy lemon aioli and fresh crab meat

Fresh pea pesto, Parmesan savings

Crushed brambles and  parmaham

ENJOY the summer sun, high temperatures and the no-cooking meals.

Written by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals.