What to do with leftover celery?

Sandra Slawinski 11th October 2019 0 comments

I made chicken stock last week to make the chicken broth,  a classic waterzooi from Ghent The recipe ( click HERE ) calls for 2 or 3 celery storks and so the rest of the celery was left unused in my fridge. I figure that it must happen to you also so here a tip what you can do with the leftover celery and any leavy greens of pretty much any vegetable like carrots and beets. Also soft herbs like oregano, mint or parsley can be used : make flavour-bomb powder! This pure veggie powder can then be used to season your dishes, use in sauces or even in savory baking, a real chef’s trick! I have a collection of different veg, leaves and herbs powders all ready to go in my pantry to bedazzle my food.

Also I chop up the leftover celery storks and freeze them in my stock collector jar ( what now?).I have a large jar in my freezer where any bits of onion or herbs not used during cooking are saved and frozen for the next batch of stock making.

Now powder, easy peasy.

STEP 1: chop up the leaves a little.

STEP 2: rinse and pat dry.

STEP 3: lay on baking tray.

STEP 4: bake in pre heated oven at 180C for 5- 7 minutes, don’t let the leaves brown. The goal is dried not burned.

STEP 5: blitz the dried leaves in a coffee grinder. ( a really inexpensive purchase online that I ve used a lot) Store in a jar in the pantry and dust your dishes to impress your guests.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my coffee and spice grinder Bodum..