3 Cooking Principles of Vietnamese Cuisine I learned in Vietnam

Sandra Slawinski 24th January 2018 0 comments

After my trip to DaNang, Vietnam I put in practise what I learned and made spring rolls.

I left  with a serious impression on me: people are friendly, want to share,  mostly food. I fell in love with the Vietnamese cuisine subtle but yet powerful flavours. I was totally addicted to their slow-cooked pork and rice spring rolls with duck. I enjoyed trying out local places  non-touristy and savour their traditional dishes. Let me share the 5 cooking principles I learned while there.

Despite the very wet and windy tropical storm that kept us locked in the resort for days on end, once we did venture out, i truly enjoyed the kindness and generosity of the Vietnamese. And their cuisine, of course no surprise, dramatically different than the European version sold here. I was happy to discover beautiful seafood and pork dishes but also lots of vegetables and just loved those morning beef or chicken broths. The fresh passion fruit was just to die for.

  1. Let the produce shine: use fresh ingredients and keep it simple
  2. Add freshness: with a squeeze of lime you bring the freshness
  3. Maximize flavour: use lemongras, chili and coriander to bring flavour

I just loved eating those fresh rice spring rolls with Duck. Form an assembly line and warp your lovely carrots, mint, coriander, rice noodles and duck slices. Dip in chutney or soy sauce. Easy, quick and yummy!


Street Food : fresh Seafood gloriously delish and simple!

Thank you Phong and Nathalie for showing us around and the inspiring cook book.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals.