My sustainable in and outdoor garden tips

Sandra Slawinski 30th October 2020 0 comments

Wether you ve a window box, balcony, terrace or urban yard or just house plants, sharing a few sustainable tips to keep it going during the darker months ahead.

I already ve a worm farm on my terrace eating my lovely vegetable and fruit scraps but I am considering adding a rain tub, so I can catch the rainwater and water the plants. I got a few houseplants this year so we will see how they fair being near central heating. I already got a few radiator water diffusers to ‘ve a bit more water in the air for them.

Mostly I miss colour in darker months, so I watched a few Japanese floral arranging videos, called Ikebana, and ordered a “floral frog” to pin flowers too. This floral art allows to make gorgeous displays with very little flowers and branches. I look forward in trying it out and creating some colourful displays indoors. (check my IG stories to follow my learning journey)

I ordered a few weeks ago plenty of bulbs such as single, fringed and parrot tulips, alliums, irises, and daffodils. I planted them in pots so I can move them easily around when they come into flower. Next Spring will be colourful and that lifts my spirits!








5 TIPS for a great in and outdoor garden:

  1. TLC for outdoor plants: prune if required, mulch if needed and mostly don’t forget to water them regularly, generally once per week if they are in a container as even in winter they require some attention.
  2. Give outdoor containers extra protection when the weather drops below zero degrees celsius. Wrap a re-usable plant fleece cover around the pots or shrub.
  3. Plan for early spring colour and plant bulbs now; crocus, daffodils, tulips, iris, and plenty other bulbs should be planted now in the ground or in well draining containers. Water and let them rest till they show signs of growth.
  4. Fertilise your house plants and make sure with the central heating on to up keep watering. Dust larger leaves so they can absorb a maximum of daylight and fight off diseases.
  5. Decorate the house, the front door, the windows with seasonal, festive cheer and decorative, homemade, organic produce like dried flowers, citrus, pumpkins and strings of led lights.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial agreements. Pictures taken in my urban garden.