My 6 joyous tips for a festive table

Sandra Slawinski 13th November 2020 0 comments

Lifting the November gloom earlier than usual with joyous and festive decorations this week.

The best way to do that is bring out the twinkle lights and play Jazzy Christmas music, it gets me instantly in a festive mood. Regardless everything I will celebrate and set a festive table every time I ve my bubble friends over ( one at the time for now).


6 joyous tips for a FESTIVE table:

1.Start with the perfect background and chose a tablecloth to set the mood. Where in summer I love keeping the colour palate fresh, in winter I love deep greens, scintillating golds and warm purples. White is always a great option to build upon especially if you are like me and believe more is more.

2. Layer with statement pieces, vintage heirlooms and different textures like a mix of porcelain, stone, ceramic and glass plates or bowls.

3. Pop with decorative cutlery and napkins. refrain from matchy-matchy tablecloth and napkins. Let the napkins pop with a complementary colour or make a statement with a bright pop-colour. Only got white napkins, no worries! Add a little joyous detail to the napkins like cinnamon stick and rosemary or a sparkly bauble or a big ribbon.

4. Add some drama and height with a leafy arrangement; an alternative to pine branches can be eucalyptus leaves or dried flowers.

5. Candlelight and twinkle lights definitely set a festive, cosy mood. Make your guests feel warm and welcome with the perfect lighting.

6. Baubles boost the festiveness into the next gear. Add a few in your centre piece and top each place setting with a personal chosen bauble, attaching a name card and making it a festive party favour.









Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial agreements. I used my own collection of tableware and decorations.