my 10 winter table decorating tips to hibernate in style

Sandra Slawinski 8th January 2021 0 comments

Now the festive season is behind us and we stripped our spaces bare of everything joyous, here how to hibernate in style till Spring.

Winter months of January and February can seem very long and drab, it is certainly my least favourite part of the year so I pay extra attention to my table decorations when receiving friends and also when its just me.

No need to go buy anything, my tips will help you pull together what you already have and use colour and light to set the mood to hibernate in style.





  1. Switch the red and greens festive colour accents for warm mustards, fresh lavender purple and wooden objects. It will bring warmth to your table. Think votives, candles, vases, flower pots and linens. If you have  stained napkins consider dyeing them with plant colouring like onions.
  2. You prefer to keep it neutral? Bring shades of white to life with subtle yellow and lavender pastels in throws and pillow cases on the chairs.
  3.  Introduce rich textures and fabrics. Consider using a blanket or a throw as table cloth or runner. Are you a knitter or love crochet, have a go and make some stunning pieces to cover votives or vases. Use a old sweater to make bottle covers.
  4. Set the mood with candles, all day long. No fireplace, no worries just light a scented candle and set the mood. Candles are not just for the evening, I love my first light candle by the botanical candle shop in UK when the house is still dark and having my first cup of tea.
  5. Set up a hot-cocoa bar or station; a few mugs and jars with toppings instantly lift your mood and keep the kids occupied.







6. Make a stove-top potpourri, boil in water herbs like star anise, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and orange peel, and have the house fill with the scent. And waste not want not, add a few peers to poach to the pot.

7. At night dim the lights to create a hibernating atmosphere. Hang fairy lights from the curtain rod and enjoy the mirror image in the window. Use warm light bulbs in up-lights and tabletop lights. Switch off overhead ceiling lights and cosy up.

8. Play a smooth jazzy or classic music playlist to calm your spirits while you pour yourself a cup of tea and watch the trees blow in the wind. ( or the snow fall)

9. Sow seeds and place them in the garden shed, garage or on the windowsill to be ready to pot on and plant on in Spring. Get flower pots with sprouting bulbs like daffodils and amaryllis to brighten up your in and outdoor space.

10. Add lush and fresh greens to your table. Hang a winter wreath or decorate the chimney with fresh greens like mimosa or eucalyptus. I love the green and yellow play of mimosa, easy to dry in the vase, add a little of water and let them dry out in the vase.


Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial agreements. I used my wooden pie plate, napkins and flower pots from Dille & Kamille, tea pot from Marriage Freres, candles from The Botanical candle.