A quiet table for two

Sandra Slawinski 14th January 2022 0 comments

Whether it is date-night at home, Valentines day or just a regular weeknight; get creative and jazz up that dinner table for two.

Having your bestie over for dinner or having a bit of time on your hands, let’s dial up the styling, shall we!

Sharing my 7 tips for a stunning table for two, set under 15 minutes.

my 7 TIPS for a TABLE FOR TWO:

Keep it simple with placemats or a table runner. Choose soft and warm colours like pastel pink, goldy mustard yellow or eggshell ecru.

Think different heights and levels; from flat to eye level. Use different heights in glasses, mix votives and candlesticks, and add multi-level floral arrangements.

3 is company: not sure why but everything in three’s is pleasing to the eye.

Add a little green to pop but also consider sustainable options and recycled materials.

Dim the light; use candlelight and low lights to set a warm and inviting ambiance.

Examine every angle to see if it it is balanced and nothing obstructs the view.

Select a playlist like my “dinner with LHH” on Spotify to set the mood.



Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial agreements. I used my plates, glasses, table runner & cutlery from Zarahome and vintage teared vase from my parents restaurant.