My summer lobster and cockles linguine

Sandra Slawinski 9th August 2019 0 comments

Lobster is in season and I am sooo thrilled, I could eat it everyday, wait … did I last week eat it 3 days in a row, yep guilty! Now if you are squeamish about cooking them yourself ( remember Julia & Julie movie scene), than you can buy them already prepared, you can even ask the fishmonger to crack them for you. Serve Bellevue style with fries and salad and homemade mayo or add to pasta, like I did. Check out my upgraded linguine recipe.

LOBSTER – This blue blooded crustacean is found in all oceans and hides in rocky, sandy crevices on the seafloor. Many yummy recipes have been created but I like it plain and simple: boiled, in a bisque ( soup ) or in lobster roll. Here I added the cooked lobster to my linguini to upgrade my lunch! because I am worth it 🙂

COCKLES – These lovely little clams come in 205 species and live mostly in costal Northern Europe but can be found all the way south to Senegal ( that’s what wikipedia said).

SPAGHETTI ALLA VONGOLE – this Neapolitan dish can be served two ways: bianco or rosso. The white version is made with white wine and parsley. The red version is made with tomatoes and basil. You can find it with linguine in Italy too but they prefer spaghetti. Another Italian dish to cherish!



Make sure to rinse the calms  a few times, to get rid of the sand.

Always use a decent tasting white wine, you can’t make good food with shitty wine.

Add garlic to the recipe if you like, I never cook with garlic, EVER! I can hear you gasp in dismay but I must be part vampire or something as I just can’t stand the stuff.

My summer lobster and cockles linguine

Yield 2 portions


  • 80 gr dried linguine or 100 gr fresh linguine per person
  • 1 lobster, cooked, cut in half
  • 500 gr cockles
  • 170 ml white wine ( decent white wine, just drink the rest with the pasta)
  • 1 shallot, finely chopped
  • splash olive oil
  • 1 bustle flat parsley, chopped


  1. Boil the pasta according to packet instructions in salted water. Drain and reserve 2 ladles of cooking liquid, about 100 ml.
  2. While boiling the pasta, add to the large pan olive oil and shallot, let it cool but not blacken.
  3. Add the cockles, toss them around a bit and flush with white wine and cooking liquid. Close the pan with the lid and simmer for 8 minutes while tossing the pan every few minutes. Remove the lid and disregard the unopened clams, they are funky and may make you sick.
  4. Add the cooked linguine and the parley, splash of olive oil and toss. Serve with the lobster halves and leftover wine.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my LeCreuset pan