My 3 tips for sustainable festive decorations

Sandra Slawinski 11th December 2020 0 comments

Decorate your space to bring you joy and peacefulness as self-care is also about the space you work, eat, live and sleep in. These easy sustainable tips guarentee a festive mood.

Wether you get started with the whole family or just you, these easy crafts are within reach for everyone.

All you need to do is put on your favourite festive music playlist and get stuck in.






TIPS for sustainable festive decorations:

  1. Bring nature in: if you ‘ve a garden cut a few branches of pine, holy or ivy and decorate the doors, chimney, staircase or hallway furniture. No garden, most gardening centres sell branches. Hang a natural or re-usable wreath either homemade or store bought. If you opt for a Christmas tree, go for one you can plant outside after or choose an artificial one to re-use next year.
  2. Make your own ornaments and gift bling: Use fruits like oranges and pinecones, use recyclable paper or twigs and twine to make your own ornaments. For orange dried slices: pat the slices dry, place on baking tray and dehydrate in a pre-heated oven at 130C for 2 hrs, flipping them every 30 minutes.
  3. Set the mood with festive light: fairy lights and candle light are just the best mood setter and are an instant festive aid to combat those dark days. Opt for handmade scented candles with festive scents like rosemary, cinnamon, oranges and eucalyptus. Hang lights from the curtain rod at the window to reflect even more festiveness.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my kitchen towel, scissors and twine from Dille & Kamille.