5 essential benefits of living a green lifestyle

Sandra Slawinski 15th May 2020 0 comments

My green lifestyle means: everyday I make environmentally conscious choices in my kitchen by buying local, seasonal and sustainable produce as much as possible. I achieve this for 85% as there is the occasional lemon or exotic to Belgium fruit from Southern Europe in my shopping bag .

I apply the 6 R’s: RETHINK, REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE/ REPAIR, RECYCLE and REPLACE/REBUY. But don’t fret, I started really small too and every green choice I made was a step forward in saving our planet and delivered direct benefits for me too. I won’t hide the fact it feels GOOD knowing  my choices contribute to conserving the environment but there are more benefits:

  1. Reduced pollution: I live in a very busy and densely populated capital Brussels in Belgium, I can attest first hand of the increase in pollution over the past 25 years in my city. I am fortunate to have a few parks and green trees in my hood but cars definelty dominate. I have no car and use public transport and walk everywhere. I chose to buy a mini little shoebox of a place that has convenient public transport and shops nearby so I don’t need a car. We all have read the report how confinement has reduced pollution in many cities around the world and gave way to smogg-free views and wildlife and flora rejuvenation.
  2. Conserved natural resources: my largest motivation to spark this major change in my life came from my love for the sea and the oceans. When I saw how we pollute the oceans, the very same oceans that secure our life on this planet, I was devastated and acted immediately. I stopped buying bottles of water and used filtered tap water, I started a compost bin in my garden and switched to biodegradable cleaning products  I even tacked my make up and skincare and now only buy 100% cruelty free beauty products. I became very aware what I throw out may end up in the ocean and that is just unacceptable.

  1. Secured income for local & eco-conscious businesses: Competing with large conglomerates has had a devastating impact to what we used to call the corner shop. But in my hood local business try to stay up float and I am happy to help. Sure it requires a bit more time and a bit more planning but I know together we contribute to the planet.
  2. Living a healthier life: Eating seasonal was something my dad, a 2 Michelin star chef, taught me at young age and for a while there I lost my way. The lure of the abundance was pulling but now I have embraced seasonality in everything and I am rewarded with a healthier lifestyle and more variety in my plate. I adore vegetarian meals and share plenty of my recipes on LHH.
  3. Raised awareness of the urgency to act now: I share my green lifestyle changes not only here on LHH but also with my friends and family and encourage them to think about their impact and the changes they can make. I will never stop advocating for our oceans, our forests, our wildlife and our planet as if not me than who?

Let this inspire you to make a little change now and see the effects. No start is too small, no change is too little!

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals.