How to freeze and store soup

Sandra Slawinski 3rd October 2018 0 comments

I LOVE a good cup of soup when coming home from a long day at work or cuddle up in bed on Sunday reading a good , well yes, cookbook. Or when you are striking by a nasty cold and you can’t be bothered to cook, soup is the answer.

When the tomatoes are soooo in abundance end of august I make a HUGE pot of tomato soup and freeze. I do the same in spring with fresh peas and in autumn with butternut and pumpkin. I always have soup ready to go in the freezer. Now I hear you, how do I ve space for all that? Let me share my secrets to storing soups!

FREEZE and STORE – so here is my ultimate tip! If like me you have limited space in your freezer between the frozen peas, bagels and vodka :-). Than ditch the plastic containers and use ziplock bags and reuse them. Pour in the cold soup, just enough for 1 large cup, label the bag with type of soup and date. Lay flat and freeze FLAT in your freezer. This way they take little space and go straight from freezer to microwave to bowl to your tummy!

Never freeze soup with cream or croutons, just add those after you reheated the soup.

Your frozen soups are good for about 30 days in the freezer, so I like to pick a Sunday every month where I make 3 soups and freeze a couple of bags for the coming month. Week dinner ready in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – ding.

A great way to make seasonal produce last longer!

Left my current stash and it came in really handy 2 weeks ago when I got a nasty cold and a very painful ear infection. Stuck at home for 4 days, I was delighted with my soups and was NEVER so grateful for my need to plan ahead!

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my vintage chocolate mug, shot in my bedroom.