4 soups to help you face the rainy weather

Sandra Slawinski 4th October 2019 0 comments

It has been raining and ghastly all week, all I want is soup. Nothing is more comforting and easy to make. Everyone loves soup! I usually make soup on Sunday and store some in the freezer for those rainy weeknights in need of comfort on the couch.

Here a few of my soup recipes to keep you warm this weekend. Replace vegetables by what is in season and you can’t ever go wrong.


My golden turmeric and miso soup – replace the spring veg by autumnal veg and mushrooms. Click HERE for the recipe

My French onion soup ( Julia Child recipe) –   make sure you serve with the cheesy croutons. Click HERE for the recipe.

My hardy vegetarian minestrone soup – perfection . Click HERE for the recipe.

My beef noodle soup – Chinese new year is a while away but this is just soo yummy.  Click HERE for the recipe.


How to freeze and store soup –  cutting single plastic usage, use any container you prefer. Click HERE for tips.

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals. I used my own stuff Le Creuset and vintage Royal Boch