How to store veg and fruits so they last longer

Sandra Slawinski 19th July 2019 0 comments

I am always trying to keep my fresh fruit and veg last longer. I researched a while ago how to optimize the “shelf life” of my fruit and veg and it has made a huge difference. Some produce you best store in a cool, dry place, in the fridge, or on the counter top at room temperature. Let me share …

Wednesday I posted how I make soup with vegetables past their freshness date. But there are a few sustainable tricks you can apply to keep them looking fresh longer. Golden rule: anything that needs ripping, leave out in room temperature, the rest goes in the fridge.


bananas – they go brown in the fridge

potatoes – cool, dry and plenty of ventilating. Add an apple to the crate to stop them from sprouting.

mushrooms – only rinse them when you are about to use them

and also eggplant, squashes, lemons & limes, salsify


apples, pears, stone fruit like peaches, apricots and plums, all berries, rhubarb, all melons – remove from fridge to ripen the day before when you are ready to eat them.

all veg: carrots, beetroot, all beans, zucchini, artichokes, celery, cabbages, leeks …

asparagus, lettuce and fresh herbs should be rolled into a moist kitchen towel or placed in a jar with water in the fridge.


garlic and onions are best kept in a paper bag with ventilation wholes in it

tomatoes – the enzymes in the fruit will make them go mealy in the fridge

all fruit than you wish to ripen

ginger root, if you want to keep fresh long term, add to a jar with water and cover, store in fridge.

Written and photographed by Sandra Slawinski without commercial deals.