let’s bake cake: spicy chocolate beetroot cake

I am not a huge fan of chocolate and a heavy triple chocolate gateaux is about the my worse nightmare as I truly don’t like the heavy bitter flavour. So why on earth did I decide to bake a chocolate cake? Well folks, not only do I like a challenge but there is something different about this recipe I developed : I used spicy Indian hot chocolate cacao from Zaabar and beets.

Yes beets, to keep the cake moist, and it works. To my own surprise no less!

I brought the cake to a dinner party at a dear friends home and didn’t tell anyone of the ingredients. Their reactions  were incredible, they loved it even the ones who don’t like beets.

So have a go and see what your friends think …

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apples and pears; savoury and sweet

Glorious fall fruits such as apples and pears are basically available all year around but I try to resist eating them out of season, this way I get to really enjoy them at their best. I love using apples and pears in savoury and sweet dishes. I made a sweet pear and apple compote with Earl

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3 fall vegetable dishes to enjoy all season

I am a huge veggie lover, on average I have about 4 full vegetarian meals a week . It’s the food I miss the most when traveling. Thank God for restaurants embracing vegetable dishes other than pasta with tomato sauce! Fall brings such colourful earthy vegetables and mushrooms to my kitchen table, just yummy! 3 easy veggie

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Bordeaux, France: wine and good times

Once upon a time there was a late summer wedding planned outside of Bordeaux ; alas Cupid had other plans and the wedding got cancelled. Stuck with non-refundable airline tickets, we made it a discovery weekend with friends. I had never been to Bordeaux and truth be said I tend to prefer Burgundy wine but I am

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let’s bake cake: mini Victoria sandwiches

Let’s bake! Part of a trilogy of cake making, my first cake post is a classic: mini Victoria sandwiches with a butter filling and fresh raspberries. I am not a regular baker but I do find myself more and more drawn to making cake. I started with a basic batter called “quatre quarts” in French

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Last Summer lunch to go for two

In the effort of eating healthy I like packing my own lunch at least once a week, and I try to go all veggie at least 3 times a week. As the summer comes to an end I am still taking full advantage of the fabulous juicy tomatoes and ripe avocados. A pink lemonade is a moral

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