How to meal prep for the week in 1 hour

I was in a book shop the other day checking out cookbooks ( one of my fave things to do) and saw all these books on “batch cooking” ( in French) a.k.a meal prep. I was intrigued, I skimmed through the pages and basically found out this is what I do nearly every Sunday already for years ♥. I didn’t realize meal prep was a thing you needed a cook book for, little did I know…

I cook a lot, for someone who lives alone, there is always a lot of food around. But than again I have a food site which requires me to test and cook and let’s not to forget I LOVE TO COOK. However I also have busy work days where at the end of the day all I want is to plunk down on my couch and not have to cook dinner. In order to help avoid ordering a yummy but probably not so lean take-out, I take 1 hour time on Sunday morning to just quickly meal prep for the week. Want to know how I do this? Let me walk you through it.

MEAL PREP TIPS – online you can find 206 million ( wow) answers to google search for meal prep tips. I read a few of them and what I have found is that not all tips nor schedules nor plans work for me and what works for me, does not work for others it seems. Most advice starts with “make a plan”, great, I am a planner! But I can’t possible plan what I will eat next Thursday cause I don’t know what I will be in the mood for than. I want to keep it flexible. I like to cook but the prep and the clean up is sometimes what holds be back after a long day at work. So what works for me is to have multiple options ready to reheat, flash cooking and assemble.

1. ANALYZE THE WEEK – ask yourself a few questions: how many meals do you need this week for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner? What is in season? What do I feel like eating? Create a rotation of standard ingredients such as grains and cereals, so you don’t eat the same thing every week.

2. PRE ORDER AND STOCK UP ON FRIDAY – I get all I need in one shopping run on Friday evening, versus going to the (super)market, butcher, fishmonger daily after work or on Saturday with the rest of the world, this helped me a lot. Friday after work is perfect to shop, I pre-order from local shops that close earlier so I can just run in and out lickety-split! The organic supermarket in my hood is open till 19H30, so  I can take my time – TG! And any non-perishables can be bought at any given time during the week or ordered and delivered at home.

3. PRE COOK FROM THE PANTRY – I cook most of my cereal, grains and pulses in advance as they are fine to reheat. These are dry and often bulk-buy ingredients and staples in my pantry. This week I cooked tri-clour quinoa, colourful (natural) spelt pasta, pearls of couscous and black lentils.

4. STORE IN FREEZER – I make soup almost every Sunday which I store in my freezer in individual portions. I keep 2 portions in a to-go jar in the fridge so I can take it to the office or reheat at home before going out again. You can always find peas and fava beans in my freezer as they are a real favourite of mine. This week I got some fava beans and made leek soup.

5. BUY FRESH AND PREP – fresh vegetable and herbs are a must but I hate having them lay in the bottom of my fridge for ever and ever because I am too lazy after work to peel, cut and cook. This week I cooked radishes and parboiled potatoes. I bought some fresh chervil to either make into a pesto with the pasta or add to my potatoes and mash them.  You can also peel and chop veg, store and cook when needed. I got some fresh strawberries which I rinsed off, they are ready to grab and snack on. I also always have 3 boiled eggs ready, GREAT breakfast-on-the-go-cause-I-am-late!

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15 simple swaps for a more eco-friendly kitchen right now

I am going systematically through my kitchen and apartment to make it more eco-friendly because I want to and well frankly I need to walk the talk. Belgian high school students have been protesting peacefully every Thursday  to get the government to focus on climate issues and they have been catching a lot of attention. I admire the students standing  up for their right to a cleaner future. So hypocritical-me needs to make more of an effort as well. One step at time, when something needs replacing I look for a sustainable alternative. I think sustainable gets a bad rep for being synonymous for expensive and I found that is not at all the case. So no more excuses!

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My slow-cooked lamb shanks in red wine sauce

I don’t practice religion but keep some of the foodie family traditions,  although I don’t really recall my dad ever cooking lamb for Easter. Regardless I love treating friends (and myself) to a different lamb dish every year. This year I will be taking Easter weekend off and relax at the beach. So I made for you in my test kitchen these slow-cooked lamb shanks in red wine sauce served with red kidney beans, fava beans and chickpeas.

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Easter mimosas and more recipes to inspire your celebrations

  My 6 sparkling mimosas to serve for Easter brunch – for the recipes click HERE  Mimosas are served at brunches the world over. This cocktail is one part champagne or sparkling wine and one part chilled orange juice. In Paris around 1925 at the Ritz Hotel this invention saw daylight and named Mimosa like the lovely yellow mimosa flowers. London calls it a Buck’s Fizz and is made with twice as much champagne ( love it!). There are others like Pointsetta is with cranberry juice, Megmosa with grapefruit juice and Soleil with pineapple juice. So I made 6 new ones, and I named them after lovely flowers. Which one is your favourite?

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