3 Cocktails to serve at Christmas

Ah, the Festive Season is upon us – I adore it! We have the excuse to display all kinds of high drama glittery and shinny baubles, fill our home with pine and cinnamon scents, cook and eat copious meals shared with family and friends and have a few drinks (too many) .

We Belgians are the highest consumer per capita of champagne, yes my lovelies, we truly love our bubbly! But a good cocktail to start off a festive eve  can really sway me. Or actually while still in the kitchen cooking a feast, a little cocktail is always welcome!

Here 3 of my own concoctions that require no bar tending skills what so ever  – and euh … don’t blame me if you have one too many 🙂

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My Venison Stew recipe

The colours are simply stunning in the fall and when the sun comes out it turns it all golden, what an amazing site. Love getting out there and enjoying this glorious transition. Not everyone feels that way; lots of people get a bit of the fall blues but the best remedy is resisting the need to

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How to make pumpkin gnocchi?

What is more quintessentially Fall than the lovely squash? Never mind the fun times of carving them with the kids or using them in decorating your home; they are yummy too! I already shared a butternut wild mushroom casserole the other week, today I share my fail proof recipe for  pumpkin gnocchi . I sooo love

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My ultimate Birthday meal

I LOVE celebrating my birthday, today is all about me and what I like to do and of course eat! I don’t mind getting older; I seem to mature like great wine, better every year – haha. But I am not fully grown up yet either, I still need tonzzz of PINK on my birthday! Here

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let’s bake cake: spicy chocolate beetroot cake

I am not a huge fan of chocolate and a heavy triple chocolate gateaux is about the my worse nightmare as I truly don’t like the heavy bitter flavour. So why on earth did I decide to bake a chocolate cake? Well folks, not only do I like a challenge but there is something different about

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