My summery hotdogs with a coriander twist

Looking at the calendar I see the 4th of July is upon us ( damm how did we get to July this fast) If you are celebrating the USA 4th of July or simply crave a h’dog,  these hotdogs are totally delish and a little differently topped. I added coriander hummus, tomato relish, fried onions and grated cheddar cheese.

But if you are wondering where the tomato relish is on the pictures, yeah well i forgot to add it , silly me! I blame the heatwave we are having.

Not a fan of coriander, replace it by flat parsley or replace the hummus by guacamole.

STEP 1: Spread some of the hummus with coriandre ( cilantro) onto the grilled bun.

STEP  2 : add the boiled and grilled hotdog.

STEP 3: add the tomato relish ( haha) , the crispy fried onions and coarsely grated some lovely cheddar cheese over it.

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7 sun-kissed summer recipes to get you salivating now

21 june = summer time! I am exited for the long days and the (potential, I do live in Belgium) sunshine but most of all for the seasonal, summer produce in abundance! I can’t wait for fruits like peaches, figs and watermelon to get in season. I am anxious to taste sun ripe tomatoes, refreshing cucumber and succulent courgettes. What are you looking forward too?

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My spring vegetable tart loaded with burrata and flowers

This vegetable tart is no-nonsense cooking, like I LOVE and it is super delish. Summer is soon approaching so I am making the most of the last of the spring veg, literally I had these veg in fridge about to go bad, some actually had left the building. THE best way to still make best use of almost gone vegetable is to either make a soup or a vegetable tart. You could also make a quiche which is with an egg mixture, but I felt like something a bit different so I made a béchamel with olive oil and thyme infused milk. The result was quite yummy.

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