let’s bake cake: mini Victoria sandwiches

Let’s bake! Part of a trilogy of cake making, my first cake post is a classic: mini Victoria sandwiches with a butter filling and fresh raspberries.

I am not a regular baker but I do find myself more and more drawn to making cake. I started with a basic batter called “quatre quarts” in French as it’s 4 ingredients of the same weight: simple!

I also have a savoury cake with zucchini and made an attempt to bake a chocolate beetroot cake. Soon on the blog!

“Let them eat cake” well yes Madame, let’s indeed. I have to be honest I ate the entire afternoon the rest of the cake while taking pics and working on the post. Calorie bomb or what!

Need for 4 mini sandwiches:

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Last Summer lunch to go for two

In the effort of eating healthy I like packing my own lunch at least once a week, and I try to go all veggie at least 3 times a week. As the summer comes to an end I am still taking full advantage of the fabulous juicy tomatoes and ripe avocados. A pink lemonade is a moral

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5 Tea and Food pairing dishes

During my trip to Stockholm last month I bumped into this amazing tea shop – The Tea Centre of Stockholm – and had the chance to talk to the passionate-about-tea owner ‘son. We started talking about history of tea and pairing food with tea. The impressive blends they created are amongst Stockholm’s tea lover’s favourites.

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Jam session with peaches and figs

Jam or jelly called in USA, is a preserve made from fruit (or vegetables) and sugar. Both pulp and juice is used and than sealed for long-term storage, to benefit from the summer sweetness during the dark cold winter days. Marmalade is made from citrus juice and peel. Since forever I can remember my dad

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Stockholm: Tea and Tassels

The very first walk I took I stumbled upon this fabulous tassel store called Folckers; I was instantly smitten and couldn’t stop myself from buying many a tassel without purpose, simply had to have them (friends, you are all getting one). A couple houses down, I discovered the most enchanting little teashop: The Tea Centre of

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Seafood LOVE: shrimp, langoustine & razor clams

Oostduinkerke, Belgium is a little dot on the North Sea Coast that has stolen my heart. Winter or Summer, I love spending time there: long walks on the beach and cooking some great fresh seafood. The fish mines in Nieuwpoort are just a little drive away or if like me, you prefer something closer, pop

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