My cooking oils quick guide

Recently a friend of mine said: ” I wish I knew what oils to use for what type of cooking?”  so here it is, my quick guide to cooking with oil.


  • each oil has a smoke point, which is the point where the oil starts to burn and smoke. It may release harmful free radicals ⇒ avoid the smoke point!
  • depending on what you want to cook and the smoke point of the oil ⇒ select the best oil for cooking.


  • chose a dark bottle: oils are sensitive to light and loose nutrients when exposed.
  • select virgin or extra virgin: the 1st press ( extra) is the highest grade of oil and contains more nutrients.
  • most articles I read say to avoid canola, rapeseed, peanut, vegetable and sunflower oil. They are high in Omega 6 &3 but most of us get enough through our balanced diet, overdoing it will negate the benefits. The chemical process in which they extract the oils and make the oil highly refined is also an issue as it leaves the oil unstable. This can mean it easily breaks down when cooking and releases toxins.


<150 C – NO HEAT cooking;  dressings and dips:

        • olive oil
        • flax seed oil
        • pumpkin seed oil

150 C – 199 C – MEDIUM HEAT cooking; light sautee, low-heat baking, sauces

        • coconut oil
        • olive oil
        • sesame oil
        • butter

200 C – 299 C – MEDIUM – HIGH HEAT cooking; stir-frying, oven-baking

        • olive oil
        • canola oil
        • rapeseed oil
        • sesame oil
        • argan oil

> 230 C – HIGH HEAT cooking; deep-frying, searing, browning

        • peanut oil
        • vegetable oil
        • coconut oil
        • avocado oil
        • sesame oil
        • sunflower oil
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My tasty Mediterrean watermelon salad

Watermelon is the ingredient of the week. It screams summer to me. I remember eating it every morning when we went on family summer all-in-holidays. I love it in my salads and is just perfect for hot summer days lunch-to-go. August is a month of plenty; not only do you have still some spring and plenty of summer veg & fruit in season but also some of the early autumn veg & fruit are starting to come in. It is THE month to enjoy EVERYTHING.

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My summer lobster and cockles linguine

Lobster is in season and I am sooo thrilled, I could eat it everyday, wait … did I last week eat it 3 days in a row, yep guilty! Now if you are squeamish about cooking them yourself ( remember Julia & Julie movie scene), than you can buy them already prepared, you can even ask the fishmonger to crack them for you. Serve Bellevue style with fries and salad and homemade mayo or add to pasta, like I did. Check out my upgraded linguine recipe. LOBSTER – This blue blooded crustacean is found in all oceans and hides in rocky, sandy crevices on the seafloor. Many yummy recipes have been created but I like it plain and simple: boiled, in a bisque ( soup ) or in lobster roll. Here I added the cooked lobster to my linguini to upgrade my lunch! because I am worth it 🙂

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Belgian Classics: my grey shrimp stuffed tomato (tomate crevettes) (7)

There is nothing better when the summer sun is shinning bright and you got the sea breeze in your hair to enjoy a great Belgian classic like tomate crevettes : tomato and grey shrimp. The North Sea shrimp is special to the region and packs great flavour combined with in-season Belgian tomatoes and lettuce with homemade mayonnaise, what more could you wish for. Happy summer everyone!

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