Winter Comfort Food with Leftovers you will Crave

Winter comfort food is definitely something I crave when the days are short and sunshine few and far. Leftovers are fab and so versatile to indulge that craving. I admit I often cook more than needed and hold back ( yep not sorry) some food when entertaining so I can have leftovers the next day. Yes, I plan my leftovers and next day comfort food (hangover) meals. And with my tips so can you …

BASICS – whatever you got leftover being it meat, fish or vegetables, basic principle is: add starch such as potatoes, pasta, rice or bread. You can also add extra fiber like: lentils, freekeh, quinoa or bulghur. Always make more sauce or gravy than needed and reserve the extra in the fridge. If you did not or you got caught and had to dish it out to your guests ( how rude!) an easy way to come up with sauce is having cream in the fridge or a can of diced tomatoes in the pantry. Have some cheese tucked away as well cause anything can be made better with cheese.

MY ULTIMATE LEFTOVER SANDWICH – I love the game season and venison is my favourite by far. I always buy an extra little piece for the next day HRH sandwich:braised vegetables, venison, mushrooms and when any leftover pecornio cheese with truffles crumbled on top. It is very satisfying!

SCRUMPTIOUS VEGGIE – for my very vegetarian friends I bet you might fancy a gorg creamy risotto with leftover veg and mushrooms, right?!

Regardless what you got leftover, you can turn it into a meal that will give you a warm and fuzzy for sure, with a little planning 🙂

Happy Holidays!


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