Testing Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington Recipe

I posted my review of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass last week and promised I would have a go at the Beef Wellington.

This dish of steak filet wrapped in puff pastry is one of the most challenging dishes every created and Chef Ramsay inspired me to give it a go and fingers crossed I don’t overcook the meat nor have a soggy leaking bottom !

Whether it is a tribute to “The Duke of Wellington” who so enjoyed his meat or the actual New Zealand town; it has caused quite a lot of mishaps in many a pro and amateur kitchen.

Here is what I learned:

  • I definitely recommend trying it out before serving it at a dinner party. I tested my 1st try with roast beef cut not yet the pure filet.
  • I need to learn to tuck the puff pastry better at the ends as to have it cook through as well. I had too much of it bunched up so some was raw.
  • In my oven I need to cover first with aluminium foil for 15 minutes avoiding the pastry to brown too much too quickly.
  • I need to overlap the crepes less as not to have too much crepes build up inside. I was worried about leaks soo much, I was over layering it!
  • I need to cook the diced mushrooms a bit longer and blend into more a paste.

Overall, it was not bad at all for a 1st ever try. I really expected a disaster, I will definitely cook it again !



For the recipes go to Gordon Ramsay.

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