Table linens : tablecloths vs placemats

I love setting a lovely table when having guests over: pull out the silver, the crystal and a lavish flower arrangement as centerpiece – oh what a joy! But also a casual sofa picnic or an al-fresco lunch deserves a nice setting. Equally important and the base to start with are the table linens.
I tend to buy tablecloths with a solid colour with a texture imprint: lots of whites and soft greys and pinks. I also have a few table runners in a deeper colour such has darker grey and deep purple. This is great to combine with the softer colours.
But with placemats i love having fun: colourful and plenty of crazy prints. As they leave some breathing space as it were, it doesn’t overpower too much and they are perfect for outdoor dinning as well.
Both can be used for a formal or casual meal, it all depends how you dress it up or down.
The last week of the sales I always take a look at ZaraHome and other multi brand stores. I stock up on napkins, kitchen towels, runners, place mats or tablecloths – soo many fun choices.
I have a lot of napkins as I love mixing them up and adding a pop of colour to the table.
So tablecloth or placemats, it’s all about what mood you want to impart.

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