Stockholm: Tea and Tassels

The very first walk I took I stumbled upon this fabulous tassel store called Folckers; I was instantly smitten and couldn’t stop myself from buying many a tassel without purpose, simply had to have them (friends, you are all getting one). A couple houses down, I discovered the most enchanting little teashop: The Tea Centre of Stockholm and had the immense pleasure to talk to the owner’ son Mr Mauris about his passion for tea. Stay tuned, as I will dedicate an entire post to my conversation with him about food-pairing and cooking with tea.


Stockholm is made up of several districts spread over different islands; some connected by bridges, some require a ferry ride to be reached. This urban sanctuary combines stunning water-views, enchanting sunsets and the best of Nordic city life. It is easy to get around town and one cannot but fall for its charming historical buildings, its trendy always-on-the-move lifestyle of the locals and gaze at the big open sky. And of course there are plenty of boats around in all sizes: from little dingy to story high cruise-liners.

Great museums for all ages and interests are available; I went to see the Vasa Museum twice and to be honest it’s one of the coolest things I have seen:

“On 10 August 1628, Vasa set sail on her maiden voyage and sank in Stockholm harbour. The wreck was salvaged in 1961 after 333 years under the sea. The reconstructed vessel, 98% original, is splendidly adorned with hundreds of carved sculptures. “

Of course I scouted out some foodie spots recommended by Wallpaper City guide, Libelle lekker magazine and by friends and hotel concierges.

Here my selection of must-eats:

Also, check out any bakery for a cardamom butter bun, they are to DIE for !

Sture Hof:

sturehof stockholm pic

When in Stockholm, seafood is a must and the crayfish (écrevisse) are simply fabulous. It does require a bit of work shelling them before one can enjoy the sweet crustaceans meat but it’s worth it! Sture Hof is one of those traditional cornerstones of Swedish seafood and it sure delivers!

Oaxen Slip:

oaxen slip restaurant stockholm

Just beyond the museums, on the Island belonging to the King, you can find a boat-shed turned restaurant with a splendid view over the water. The menu allows for several small dishes to be shared if you like. We loved the weekend brunch where a scrumptious selection of dishes kept coming to our table: great steak sandwich, succulent cod croquettes, fresh pickled haring (of course), grilled paprika shrimp-licious and ultra fluffy scrabbled eggs with mushrooms and bacon. Perfect on a sunny Saturday !

Rosendals Eco Garden Café:

Rosendals eco garden Stockholm

“For more than thirty years Rosendals’ Garden Foundation has cultivated and spread biodynamic farming practices. Biodynamic cultivation includes working with nature’s cycles, in which, vital pieces of the puzzle are composting, crop rotation and natural fertilizers. Rosendals Garden is a driver of the farm to fork concept and the harvest of vegetables; herbs, flowers and fruits are used in the gardens renowned café and wood fired bakery.”

On a bright sunny day a definite must-take-a-stroll kind of place: where you pick some flowers and fruit to take home or enjoy a cup of tea in the garden café.

Meatballs for People:

meatballs for people stockholm

Well yes, one must have meatballs when in Sweden and it seemed it was International Meatball Day that day, so we happily obliged! I had the venison meatballs with lingo berries and mash potatoes, delish! This modern neighbourhood eatery has you wanting meatballs everyday; on the spot or take away, everything is possible!


Gro Stockholm

The restaurant is “where seasonal and local availability rules”. You choose between 2 four course menus of the week : omnivore or vegivor. The itty-bitty dinning room meets kitchen creates an intimate atmosphere where the food can be the star in all its simplicity and flavour. And when they say local food, it’s really local, one of the desserts was a frozen cherry granite and they came from the park around the corner! I loved the beetroot, oyster and seaweed dish: the beetroot was cooked 2 ways (grilled and pickled) with a creamy emulsion of oysters – yummy! I was very impressed with the food, so put it on your list.


Svartengrens Stockholm

This where meat lovers must halt and take their time to devour the “Henry VIII style” meat-platter comprised of several cuts and meats: lamb, beef and pork such as steak, brisket, ribs, bacon, sausages and bone marrow. And you cocktail lovers ask the funny slightly bizarre mixologist to create something devilish for you, that man has a gift!


Gaston Stockholm

A cute little winebar on the corner of Old Town where everyone can relax with a glass of their new favourite wine (the ladies have GREAT recommendations) and listen to a spot of music (check spotify for Gaston playlist) or like me read a little while waiting for friends to join. The food menu has a good selection but if you need more options they can serve from the next door brother restaurant menu: “The Flying Elk” . The salad of asparagus, goat cheese and artichokes was yummy, the beef short ribs were great and the chicken was amazing.

Mathias Dahlgreen – at Grand Hotel – 2 Michelin stars:

Mathias Dahlgren restaurant

I like to treat myself once in a while and I had heard great things about this chefs cooking.

His philosophy: “With a Swedish identity on a regional platform, I create my cuisine, open for local as well as global ingredients and influences. A cuisine based on natural produce and natural taste – the natural cuisine.”

Although I expected a lighter and fresher cuisine it certainly was a delicious transition from summer to fall menu. I loved the option of juices with your meal, and was delighted by the homemade apple juice and the entire bread course, simply too fab!

stockholm boats

and I leave you with  some wisdom i picked up along the way:

“Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff” good advice from Chuck.

“You don’t get this sexy without eating” and “Closed mouths don’t get fed” thank you “Prince Hakeem” for your wisdom.

and finally one from me: “If you charge premium, you have to deliver premium!”

ohh and don’t get the cookie as dessert unless you really only want ONE cookie – i know insider joke but trust me !

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