Restaurant: In de Wulf in Dranouter, Belgium

On my list for a while, this one Michelin star restaurant, In de Wulf, on the border with France, is closing it doors the end of 2016. I was already a huge fan of Chef Kobe Desramaults resto in centre of Ghent, De Vitrine and his bakery, Superette. I was very eager to discover the farm and the food of this acclaimed chef known for being innovative with seasonal and regional produce.
The farm is idyllically located and charmingly decorated yet with a modern touch of austerity, fitting the feeling of simplicity of the restaurant.  You are walked through the kitchen to your table by one of the kitchen chefs, after he explained a bit about the kitchen, the cheese and butter they age and the bread they make ( gosh that bread, to die for).
Trendy is far from how i would describe the restaurant but is does fit the current trend of moody and comforting atmosphere with simple wood tables and chairs, very dim lighting (hence no real good pics) and the fire place warming it all up.
The unique menu leaves you a choice to have a shorter or longer version, with paired wines and juices. It only provides you a list of ingredients not a description of a dish, again something you find more and more off these days.
I was very keen to try some juices they pair with the dishes, and the quince juice was superb, i did ask for another to try but it seems i never got it. But i embrace the concept!
The meal was composed of many small little taster plates and each was presented by a different  kitchen chef in English which put the pressure on me to translate on the spot for my parents. Must say i have never been to a Michelin star restaurant in Belgium with more American chefs than locals. I did have , as usual, many follow up questions so the waiters did their best to get the answers for me. Also Chef Kobe made an appearance from time to time. Interesting concept of having chefs delivering the dishes, than again why not, they made it so they know what they are serving. It does make a lot of traffic in the restaurant.
The dishes that stood out for me were: the scallops ceviche, the warm vegetable salad and the main of sheep was lovely indeed. There was this dessert that was traumatic for me, he used a plant that we consider a weed, grows everywhere  and in certain quantities is even deadly. It was used in this old medical liquid poured onto a cube of sugar and I was force fed at school against a headache i once dared to complain off. oh my, that taste was horrific, so my personal memory sealed that for me but my mother loved the dessert. It was Bereklauw ( found no translation). yuk, sorry… Shows you, doesn’t it, how powerful taste-memories are.
A lot of my friends asked me about my dinner, as i was looking so much forward to it. And although it did far from disappoint, I asked myself if it is a must to drive all the way out there … to be honest i would highly recommend you try his other 2 places  in Ghent.

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