My melon sorbet infused with lemon verbena

Yield 250 ml sorbet



  1. Make the herb infusion, add hot water ( 80C not boiling) to a boil with the lemon verbena and let steep overnight. Strain and disregard the leaves.
  2. Blend the melon till juice consistency.
  3. Add to the strained infused water the sugar and boil to make simple syrup. Let cool. Add half of the cooled syrup in the fruit juice. To check the level of sugar you can use a refractometer ( expense tool measuring sugar levels) or use the technique of the floating egg. Gentle dunk a whole uncooked egg into the mixture and if the egg just about floats to the surface you added enough syrup, if not add some more a spoon at the time.
  4. Churn the mixture as per kitchen appliance instructions, freeze and serve. I added little caramel lacy cookies for crunch.    


by Sandra Slawinski on


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