My hibiscus and watermelon margarita

Yield 4 cocktails



  1. Add the dried hibiscus flowers or tea in a strainer to the tequila a few hours (or days) to steep and sieve. 
  2. Cut up the melon and blitz it and sieve the juice to remove the pits.
  3. Add the juice to a measuring jug, and add the flavoured tequila, triple sec and lime juice. This makes 1 litre of liquid. Taste it and added some agave to sweeten if preferred. 
  4. Either use a strong blender with ice to obtain a frozen margarita, or freeze overnight in the freezer and remove about 1 hour before serving. Or serve over ice for the non-frozen version.
  5. Prepare the glasses: place salt in a small dish, use a lime wedge around the rim of the glass and dip the rim in the salt.
  6. Add the frozen (semi runny) margarita and serve.


on by Sandra Slawinski

Recipe by Leeks and High Heels at