Meatloaf with leeks with mustard vinaigrette

Yield 4 portions



  1. Remove meat from the fridge, add to a bowl. Reserve.
  2. In ( oven proof) frying pan, melt the butter and add the shallots, thyme and rosemary. Cook while stirring for 2 minutes, don't let the shallop colour. Add to the bowl with meat.
  3. Add to the bowl with minced meat and shallot/herb mixture, 1 egg, 2 table spoons of mustard, and the breadcrumbs. Mix with a wooden spoon ( or your hands) till combined. If the mixture is to sticky and you are not able to roll a little meatball than add some more breadcrumbs. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Shape the meat into a loaf and place in the same frying pan. Add some butter if needed, let the meat create a crust, about 3 to 4 minutes and then turn it over. If the butter is about to darker or burn, add little more.
  5. In pre heated oven at 180C, cook the meatloaf about 35 to 40 minutes.
  6. Steam the chopped leeks in a steamer. Remove and reserve.
  7. In a small jar or bowl add olive oil, vinegar, mustard, chopped parsley, salt and pepper and shake to combine. If to sharp add a little agave or honey.
  8. Remove meatloaf from oven and tip out the butter from the pan. Let cool a little before slicing. To serve: add the lukewarm /chilled leeks and meatloaf to a serving plate, sprinkle some chopped parsley over and serve the vinaigrette separate.


on by Sandra Slawinski

Recipe by Leeks and High Heels at