Postcards from Istanbul

Istanbul has an amazing history of many empires that once ruled such as the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires . This vibrant metropolis, once known as Constantinople, has a lot to offer: amazing rooftops views, Sea front glistening water views over the Bosphorus, enchanting mosques and numerous minarets like arrows in the sky calling you to pray, bustling bazaars and amazing food spots to recharge at. I met 2 BFF’s there for the weekend …

I had once upon a time in a different lifetime it seems, been to Istanbul, about 20 years ago, to interview for a hotel job, which I didn’t take. I fell in love with the city instantaneously and was overwhelmed by the fragrant spices and beautiful pottery in the Bazaar. I was smitten with the food and had my first hammam: a traditional steam, soap and scrub, what an experience!

I love discovering different areas of the city, the old European quarter is a good hub to stay near restaurants and bars away from mass tourism and crowds. We stayed at the Soho House Hotel and were absolutely thrilled with the room, the garden, food and service.

I recommend you get yourself up to a roof top, right at sunset for some spectacular views over the water and city while sipping a fabulous cocktail. There are tonzzz around so take your pick!

Of course you must visit the old town SultanAhmet and visit some the Blue Mosque and the Saint Sophia. There are museums and palaces as well, they are splendorous and well worth a peak!

Check out The House Cafe by the water in Ortakoy for some great cocktails and authentic yet modern Turkish food .

It won’t take another 20 years for me to go back to one of my “new” favourite cities to dwell in!

My dearest travel companions, Dew and Lulu, thank you for your friendship, your amazing recommendations and your patience when I was taking pictures (again).



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