My summer garden salad with edible flowers

Summer gives the patient and committed gardener it’s rewards come July in a bounty full of lovely veg, fruit and edible flowers. My dad, Michelin star chef, started using edible flowers way back in the 80ties so I kind of grew up eating flowers. My garden does not get much sun so growing from seed is practically impossible and this season the bugs got before me to the borage and roses. Thankfully the capucines, violets, lavender and French marigold (carnations) are untouched and ornate my lovely garden salad. Also my green beans are doing great.

Edible flowers have ornated our dishes since the beginning of time, most remember the sugarcoated violets that grandma ate but I have vivid memories of eating garden picked flowers. I am a huge fan of rose water and orange blossom water in baking  but I love it when summer gets me violets and rose petals to ornate and add flavour to my salads.

I grown all my flowers and vegetables in containers. My green beans had a rough start, I planted about 12 seeds and only 2 actually came out but they are doing fab now! Yielding a handful of beans every few days.

I did manage to fight off some of the bugs by spraying them with a mix of water and detergent. The slugs however are very tenacious, I put copper wire around the containers, added sharp grit to the dirt and eggshells but they persisted so I had to result to a shop bought biodegradable non-harmful poison to get them to stay away from my green beans and it worked!

The salad I made here has my garden green beans steamed, smoked trout, crumbled feta cheese, lovely ripe cherries and a drizzle of rapeseed oil mixed with yuzu juice and of course the beautiful edible flowers:  capucines, violets and French marigolds.

Enjoying summer at its best!



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