My 6 delicious bakes to inspire you this weekend

I have a real sweet tooth, I love cookies, cakes, pies, French patisseries, macaroons, galettes, … Wednesday I shared my chocolate mousse today I share more baking recipes both savoury and sweet. I really do enjoy the tasting and eating not sooo much the baking. I am not sure what it is that I feel is cumbersome to bake but maybe it is because things have to be measured and I tend to invent as I cook.  So my bakes are simple but super delish.

Here 6 bakes to inspire you for the weekend.

My herb and Parmesan shortbread crackers – recipe HERE

Nothing so satisfying to serve homemade crackers with the aperitif to your guests. Showstopper with herbs and edible flowers. And pretty easy and fast to bake.

My chestnut amaretti – recipe HERE  

Cookie monster got is paw stuck in the cookie jar for these lovely babies. I made these with chestnut paste but that might be a bit more fall flavour, so why don’t you use almond paste or peanut butter instead.

My dill and leeks fish pie – recipe HERE 

The ultimate comfort food is a pie, and I am happy to find any excuse to use my sweet pie bird.

My braided pesto loaf – recipe HERE

It takes a bit of patience to let it rise but it is super worth it. Fabulous to serve at brunch or just with lunch.

My sweet and savoury madeleines – recipe HERE 

It is not as hard as most people think to make a great fluffy madeleine. And the savoury version is quite tasty too.

My almond and maple cake with strawberries – recipe HERE

This gluten free and butter free cake is just tooo delish. I used maple syrup instead of sugar as well.




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