I love spices – check out my basics

Like Maria sings in the the sound of music : “Here are a few of my favourite things”
cinnamon, cardamon and curcuma ; ground ginger, raz-el-hanout, white pepper and pink salt flakes from Australia.




Spices can lift a dish to the next level but most of all they are comforting as they bring warmth and depth.
I clear out my spice cabinet every six months: check what needs replacing and restocking what is running low. I also look at what i have not been using and question why. As in everyone’s cupboard I store some kind of spice I used once as a particular recipe asked for it, a little gram of it and now I am stuck with a whole jar of it with no use for it, you know what i am talking about! I am guilty as sin, i always love buying new spices or mixtures and trying them out; some become a staple, some get binned, c’est la vie!


So the message today is be adventures and try new spices. I saw this BBC program the other day about “Tomorrow’s food” and they had a computer program called Wilson who creates new flavour combo’s we “should” like. And i found one combo very, very interesting and will try it out soon, so stay tuned.

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