Food for thoughts : “the future is vegan”

Sharing with you my opinion in about 400 words on something I read, watched or experienced to spark a conversation.

I read this article in the September Knack weekend black edition where anthropologist and vegan Roanne van Voorst explains her point of view: “the future is vegan

Van Voorst states veganism is the fasted growing social movement and the consumers of tomorrow are the teenagers marching today in climate protests and adopting a vegan lifestyle. Large conglomerates like Nestle are actively developing and testing meat and dairy replacements to anticipate the consumer changes.  The old normal will make way for the new as she points out like historic actions were acceptable and are no longer such as burning witches and slavery. She explains the tradition of eating meat and drinking milk is rather a recent habit (after WWII), we used to eat more root veg. Research shows we can live without meat and dairy.

I love meat. The past 15 years I have massively reduced my red meat and dairy intake due to my potential high cholesterol. I had no clue about the impact on the climate and was blind to animal cruelty. I remember when a friend told me that cow farts were causing climate change, I laughed at her as I didn’t believe it.

I agree change is happening. We will no longer shut our eyes to animal cruelty, nor to the environmental impact. I have 2 thoughts:

  • I love food, it’s a joy to eat high quality ingredients beautifully cooked. I try to source my meat & fish from reliable (as far as I can tell) cruelty free suppliers. I already favour more vegetables and fruits in my diet. I reduced my plastic waste by 90% as I am horrified what we dump into our oceans. I am part of the change, but I don’t want to be a vegan. I want cruelty free, environmental responsible produce and packaging rather than to stop all together eating meat, poultry, fish and butter. The suppliers will change their ways when the consumers demand it.
  • I love flavour. I don’t want to eat highly processed meat and -dairy replacements. Nor eat organic vegetables and fruits that never saw daylight and are grown without soil in space-age farms in the desert and flown all over the world. Governments and suppliers need to support local, traditional agriculture, drop the manipulated seeds and go back to heirloom varieties, working the ground and growing by the flow of the seasons.

What do you think, are you becoming a vegan soon?


not paid to post, this is my point of view based on the information I read and share with you without any agenda other than to spark a conversation about the topic. 

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