5 savoury pies to carry you through fall and winter

Nothing is as comforting as a hearty, homemade savoury pie on a rainy fall day or a freezing winter’s day. It’s an easy thing to do yourself,trust me. Like me buy the puff pastry from the shop or omit it all together, and basically pour all the ingredients in a tin lined with baking paper, add some eggs/cheese/milk mixture and herbs, bake and poefff : a pie!

Make a pie with or without a pastry crust, it is really up to you. Try a vegetarian pie or add some lovely salmon or chicken to it. The combinations are endless.

I made a chicon (belgian endive) salmon tartelette and a pumpkin, bacon with pumpkin seeds tartelette. I like making individual tartelettes, as they are easy to pack and take to work or on the road.

BASIC PRINCIPLES – blind bake puff pastry for a few minutes, layer with vegetables of your choosing diced in small chunks so they will cook quickly and evenly. Add fish, poultry or meat chopped finely, pour over a mixture of milk, egg yolk and cheese, bake 10 to 15 minutes. Top with some seeds, nuts or chopped fresh herbs and serve. Try something different by adding dollop of fresh cream cheese on top with fresh herbs or a spicy yogurt dressing.

Check out my 5 pies:

Ode to the leek, you are a fine vegetable

Ode to the leek, you are a fine vegetable

Ode to the leek, you are a fine vegetable

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