12 sinful flavours to pimp whipped cream

Gosh, I LOVE whipped cream. I mean seriously would have it on every dessert. Actually scratch the dessert, just give me a bowl of whipped cream! quite sinful indeed. And love to pimp the cream, check out my scrumptious and somewhat sinful flavours.

It has been around since 16th century or so; nobody is not quite sure when and where the name Chantilly cream came from but most reports show evidence of a fine French castle of Hameau de Chantilly, known for its glorious and refined food, served it at lunch one day  and it was incredible well received by the noble guests.

Whipped cream is cream whipped (haha) by whisk or mixer until it’s light and fluffy. You can overwhip your cream or split it. Generally one speaks of whipped cream when unsweetened and Chantilly cream when sweetened but we agree it does not quite matter how you call it.

Serve it with ice cream, pie, cake or top your hot chocolate with it; there are many sinful ways to enjoy this lovely fluffiness. You can serve it plain (if your dessert is quite sweet already) or with a little sugar. But I like getting more flavour in there by adding spices, flowers waters, fruits, nuts, chocolate and much more… Be careful with your dosage as not to over power the flavour nor to split your cream.

SPICES – Ground cardamom is a majestic spice I adore to use to flavour desserts and whipped cream. Add 1 teaspoon per 200ml cream and whip with a little sugar. Serve with poached fruit, like pears or quinces. Feeling exotic: take a Vanilla pod, scrape the lovely black seeds out and add to your cream and whip for a polka dot effect.

FLOWERS – Rose water and Orange Blossom water are such amazingly fragrant additions to whipped cream. Add 1  teaspoon per 200ml cream and whip. For  the tea lovers: steep 1 tablespoon of Jasmine Green tea overnight (about 8 hrs) in cream, remove the tea and whip the cream with a little sugar.

FRUIT – Berrylicious: crush some berries such as strawberries, raspberries, brambles or blueberries with a fork and carefully fold the crushed berries through the whipped cream and create a bit of a ripple effect. Or whisk 3 tablespoons of lemon curd into whipped cream. Why not try this: Add 2 table spoons of finely diced dried fruit or candied fruit and fold into whipped cream. With a punch: Infuse some raisins overnight (about 8hrs) in Rum, drain and fold the boozy raisins into whipped cream.For a tropical flair: mix into whipped cream 4 passion fruit seeds.

HERBS – Infuse about 10 mint leaves with storks in the cream overnight (about 8 hrs), remove the leaves and whip the cream with a little sugar.

NUTS – Chop or crush a small handful of nuts like pistachios, almonds or cashews and fold them into or sprinkle on top the whipped cream.

CHOCOLATE – Top whipped cream with chocolate shavings or fold in little nibs of chocolate. For real richness, fold in 3 table spoons of dark chocolate mousse and create a lovely marble effect.




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