10 delctable Christmas gifts for foodies

The season of gifts is upon us and although I always plan ahead by starting research and ordering gifts from September, I can always use more ideas. Christmas gifts at home growing up were (still are) books, clothes and candy (lots). Gifting is important to me, I take extra care for any occasion to find something unique and totally  fitting the receiver’s personalty and likes. Sometimes this is hard when you don’t know the person well but if you know they are a foodie, here some basic tips and ideas. Truth be said making this list is soo easy for me ( I can go on for hours) cause all listed, I WANT for myself!

For me Christmas gifts are about practical gifts: a book, a new jacket or a cooking class. Birthday gifts are about celebrating the unique person you are, so I tend to give gifts that spoil my friends and family like personalized and/or luxury items. Anyway it’s all about the receiver and what would make them happy and show how much you care for them. Effort is what really matters to me rather than money spent.

You can sort of categorize gifts for foodies in 4 groups based on what type of foodie they are: someone who loves to cook or someone who loves to discover new  food horizons or yet someone who loves to eat. Each foodie has that perfect gift potential, below the categories to help you along:

PRETTY & USEFUL – For all home cooks and bakers nothing is better than giving a beautiful and useful utensil or storage jar. You know they already have a ladle but upgrade it to a nice bras or copper version, they will love it! Storage jars; you can never have enough of them, stick with white or black if you don’t know their kitchen colour scheme. Check out Le Creuset and Food52 for online orders.


LEARN & EXPERIENCE – Whether you are starting out learning how to cook or are an advanced home chef, everyone loves to perfect themselves either by self education or taking courses.  Although I was skeptic at first I am a total convert for online cooking classes by Masterclass.com. I followed Gordon Ramsay’s class this year and was blown away.  Read about it here. I also tried his Beef wellington, check it out here. I am definitely looking into following the 3 new cooking classes offered in 2018 by Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller and Alice Waters.


A once in a life time cooking class experience I personally dream off is following the 2 days Sauce and Jus class at the Cordon Blue Paris Culinary Institute . Of course we can’t forget this is where Julia Child learned her cooking when living in Paris and to be frank – WHAW – I think I would for sure do the same, except well, time and money. But they offer all sorts of short courses and I am dying to perfect my sauces, a technical French class is exactly what I need to elevate my cooking.

COOK & BOOK – Your friend might not be that much into cooking more the tasting and eating. What better than gifting a beautiful cook book from their favorite Michelin star chef. There are some amazing coffee table book worthy books out there such Atelier Crenn and Pierre Gagnaire.


Of course a cookbook with new recpeies and how-to chapters for any cook is a great gift, I myself just ordered the new Donna Hay Basics to Brilliance. There are plenty too chose from and you can never go wrong. However if your friend is a collector of cookbooks you might want to make sure which they have and not. Maybe a gift certificate with suggested cookbooks is your best bet.



TEA, COFFEE & SPICES – An actual rare or luxury food item as gift is an incredible gift. What better than to spoil a tea  lover with a new tea assemblage by a Michelin star chef such as Kusmi Tea by Alain Ducasse ( I LOVE it). Tempt a coffee addict with new fancy flavours or exotic roasts.  Bring back fragrant spices from a faraway land. I love it when friends bring back weird and unusual food items from their travels.


Soo what’s on your Christmas list? Any tips to share?



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