Xavie’s Granola Gives you the Energy Needed

Xavie, a Belgian entrepreneur, is on a mission to bring you a great alternative for that breakfast full of refined sugars. She explains that her business sprouted from her own will to eat healthier, being less dependent on refined sugar and get more steady energy all morning. Her homemade granovies are 0% sugar …… and the selection surely satisfies everyones preferences and tastes; it allows for variety throughout the week. I tried her Pure Toasted with toasted nuts and seeds: delicious with yoghurt but also a great topping in salads and on fish. I also sampled her nuts and chocolate granovie with some almond milk. But I can imagine this would be yummy as a pie crust for a lemon meringue or cheese cake.

I have a love for granola and do make my own from time to time as I am disappointed with usual store bought products. Alas I don’t always have time to make my own, so Xavies.be is the answer!



all pictures by Sandra – props and plants from Ikea, ZaraHome and Dille & Kamille

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