Vegan Green Pea Fritters and Dip

I love peas! When in season and are so fresh I love just eating them like candy, uncooked and soo sweet and crunchy. But all year around frozen peas are a staple in my freezer and when I didn’t make it to the store or market and the fridge is empty, than frozen peas can turn into a simple, lovely dinner in no time. These fritters are easy to make; great as a snack or meal served cold or warm and packed with protein and fiber, they are vegan/vegetarian and gluten and nut fee too – soo they are good for you! Kids love these ! PrintVegan Green Pea Fritters and DipYield 6 fritters Ingredients250 gr frozen peas1 table spoon olive oil1 white onion, diced120 gr chickpea flower1 teaspoon bicarbonate sodafresh chives and basil, choppedsalt and pepperfor the dip :50 ml soy yogurt1 lemon, zested and juicedInstructionsBoil the peas according to instructions on the packet and drain.Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and saute the onion until soft.In food processor, blitz the peas and onion until a thick paste.Stir in the chickpea flower, bicarbonate soda and herbs. Season with salt and pepper to taste.Wet your hands and shape with your hands … Continue reading Vegan Green Pea Fritters and Dip