Sweet Potato and Carrot Fries with 3 Easy Dips

The other day I served vegetable fries cooked in the oven with tasty dips, and it was a hit. I am always searching for new and different snacks to serve with drinks. I guess it is easy to open a bag of crisps and a jar of dip but that is soo not me. I think when you start off with a great bite with drinks it not only sets the tone for the meal to come but also opens up the appetite. I often forgo serving a starter and instead serve a variety of tastes. This way my guests can choose what they wish to nibble on. It makes for casual conversation and easy complicity amongst your guests before taking a seat at the table. I made sweet potato and carrot fries and let my guests dip into a greek yoghurt courgette dip, a fresh tomato hummus and spicy avocado. I choose orange and purple carrots to add colour. An other vegetable easy to use is courgette.   PrintVegetable fries and dipsAuthor Sandra SlawinskiYield 4 people Ingredientsfor the fries:4 carrots2 sweet potatoolive oil, salt and pepperfor the dips:30ml greek yoghurt, 5cm courgette , dille, lemon juice, salt and pepper30gr chickpeas, 30 gr tomatoes, … Continue reading Sweet Potato and Carrot Fries with 3 Easy Dips