Set a stunning festive table in 3 easy steps

It may be daunting setting a festive table but it is actually very easy and you can pack a punch of sparkle and festiveness with these simple 3 steps. You can use what you have at home and set a gorgeous stunning festive table in a flash, yes you can! It’s in your budget, and it’s stress free when you follow my 3 steps. So are you ready, here it is:








Step 1: Accessories

It is a festive table so choose your sparkle first: gold or silver

Look around and gather everything silver and gold you got and supplement with anything white and color-free glass or crystal you have:

Cutlery – Votives – Glasses – Small dishes

Decorative objects such as snow globes, feathers, ornaments, little statues and small picture frames

Christmas decoration such as baubles, strings, garlands, ribbon and crackers

Twinkle lights (best is on batteries so you don’t have to deal with wires)

Yes I am telling you to bring everything you got to the table; no matter where it came from or what it is used for; put it all together on the floor by color. Now decide silver of gold?

I chose silver this time: silver cutlery, silver votive and bread plates with silver rim. I used silver, white and crystal candle votives, white Christmas lights, and snowflakes with glitter, a porcelain angel, some snow globes and a porcelain snowman. I used glass napkin rings.

Step 2: Table linens

I recommend a full length table cloth, if you don’t have one, use a bed sheet. It is absolutely worth putting thick flannel underneath to give it some volume. Alternatively you can use a light blanket or bath towels but it needs to cover the table top completely and evenly so glasses don’t topple. I bought at a fabric store some flannel (molleton) years ago and cut it to size of the table. They use it in curtains to add volume and create draping, it’s cheap and it will do the trick. Of course all home stores will sell a ready-made version with a water/stain proof protection layer, but this works too.

Now why white? It could be that it is your only option but white is a terrific base color and anything you throw at it will work. I used a white with silver tread wide stripe for that festive touch.

Why not red? It’s THE traditional  seasonal color and when would you otherwise use it. So go for it!

Step 3: The Centerpiece:

Now we layer:

Set: the table with plates, glasses, napkins, and cutlery.

Light: add all your candles, votives, twinkle lights

Green:  use from your garden (or purchased) ivy, pine, mistletoe and holly – cut up in smaller pieces of 20cm max and place them in-between the lights/candles with the end of the branches towards the end of the table corners, in a star like shape. Let them tapper out towards the 4 corners. Lay first the green you have the most of and is the most covering like pine and ivy. Than layer on top here and there the other more decorative greenery such as mistletoe and holly. Fill it up so barely any of the table cloth is visible but be careful with it hanging over candles.

Colour: add a pop of colour, I did red in this table. I added some Christmas crackers with red decoration and a star garland. But any festive colour works but stick to the 70-30-10 rule:

70% is your table linen – white in my case

30% is the greenery

10% is the pop colour – red in my case

Pop colours with a white background can be: wood, black, pink, orange, royal blue or purple

Pop colours with a red background can be: wood or black and pastel colours: powder pink, mint green, baby blue

Et voila – all ready to whaw your guests – (Psshht make sure you light all the candles and twinkle lights before they arrive for the full effect)

Accessories and table lines in my pictures were from Zara Home. Crackers from Dille&Kamille.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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