In Search of the Best Eclair in Brussels

I love desserts; specifically lovely French patisserie. The éclair is definitely an all-time favourite of mine and has known a revival recently. Éclair means lightening in French as the pastry was made to eat quickly.

A traditional éclair is a cylinder shaped sweet pastry with a pate á choux made with eggs and flower, filled with vanilla cream custard and coated with chocolate ganache.

So in search of the best one in Brussels, I went to 5 popular patisseries and sampled with pleasure. I took in account look, filling, topping and pate á choux.

Enjoy …

PIERRE MARCOLINI –  delectably complex

Look: elegant – Filling: delicate – Topping: full flavour of caramel and nuts – Pate á choux: perfection

SAINT AULAYE – deliciously traditional

Look: traditional – Filling: creamy – Topping: soft chocolate – Pate á choux: perfection

WITTAMER – lusciously sweet

Look: – Filling: super vanilla flavour – Topping: sugar glace – Pate á choux: perfection

ECLAIR & GOURMANDISES – genuinely original

Look: different – Filling: chocolate creamy – Topping: crunchy – Pate á choux: soft

PAIN QUOTIDIEN –  crunchy chocolate

Look: different – Filling: creamy – Topping: chocolate bar – Pate á choux: soft


all photos taken by Sandra Slawinski


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