Restaurant “Chalet de la Foret” : it’s all about truffles ….

Lots to celebrate: the new year, someone moving, someone having a baby, someone had a big birthday and great friendship  – how to honour it best … of course with gorgeous food! 
This restaurant, adorned with 2 Michelin stars, has been a longtime on my must-eat list and it did not disappointed. 
The elegant chalet has embraced the modern facelift and I paused a moment while I took it all in. I am immediately in awe of the gold platted bar combined with neutral grey walls. The soft velvet gold and grey chairs in the lounge next to the fire look so inviting; the perfet crisp starched linen table cloths and the comfortable seating at the table exude a warm welcome and increase my curiosity about the food.  

With great anticipation I focus on the menu and daily specials. I sink deep into the menu, to me it’s like reading a good book, i don’t even hear the conversation at the table. I study, imagine what i would taste like and weigh what I like and what intrigues me help to decide what to eat. It is a process but it doesn’t take me long to decide. I take picking what to eat very serious. I am seduced by the special of grilled oysters with spelt and the classic dish of sea bas with truffle. 
An exquisite variety of nibblings was served with our champagne, the star was the black crocket with truffles: a pure pleasure. My oysters were sublime. The Chef spoiled us with an extra treat of scallops with truffles.  And the sea bas was a truffle extravagance but perfectly balanced as not to overwhelm your pallet. No room for dessert but we devoured the sweets and the lemon cake was precious.
The food is modern classic, full of subtle flavours and combinations that are salivating. The modern plates enhance the dream feeling: like little clouds bringing us delish tableaux.
I find while enjoying great food like this, it sparks great conversation and although ladies need very little arm-twisting to dish girl-stuff; it is nice to forget work for a little hour and indulge in fantasy, stress-free pleasures. Thank God for places like this to remind me why i work so hard. 

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