pop up Gin bar in Brussels: Hendrick’s Chamber of the Curious

i LOVE it when beautiful historic architecture gets repurposed and preserved for all to enjoy; that’s what Hendrick’s did with this pop up Gin bar in the old (from 1900) Pharmacie Anglaise on the Coudenberg in Brussels. The pop up Gin bar is open till 31 Oct but a little birdy told me they will remain open after the collaboration with Hendrick’s. 
Alas the tours of the treatment rooms where your take an unforgettable journey in your brain, are fully booked. But you can enjoy a drink at the bar on Thursday, Friday and Saturday eve’s from 18H to 01H.
The atmosfeer at the bar is somewhere between stepping back in a “creepy” Victorian time and something (finally) different all together, can i call it enchanting? Let’s simply say it is a different world and the concoctions the mixologists serve are a journey in themselves.
Now here is a confession: i really don’t like gin, i know i am wrong but it just isn’t my thing however i was taught at home to always try and try again (dad was referencing food but it applies to this too, right?), well, i did try again. I took the “Ladies Favourite” with cucumber, edible flowers and Schweppes with orange blossom & lavender. result: meeh – it didn’t convince me, but my friend absolutely loved her pear-culiar Gin Fizz. 
I know it was wrong but i charmed the bartender into making me a non-gin cocktail and he obliged me with an award winning cocktail “The Immigrant” served into a tea cup (yippee). It was out of this world: vodka (hallelujah) carrot juice, lemon and frothy eggwhites – delish!
We had some bar food too: chicken meatballs with a parsley pesto – yum.
I think i found my new local (as it is on the way home, well isn’t everything) and possibly a place to have my birthday party…

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